Verbs in Fiction – Pow! Whack! Boom!

We have an action packed Grammar BootCamp today, get yourself settled and let’s begin. We’ve previously been looking at clauses and the different types of clauses, main clauses and subordinate clauses. Today, we will look even deeper into the nuts and bolts of writing and study VERBS.

Verbs are words which convey an action or a state of being

Here are a list of common verbs-


Imagine your writing without verbs, how boring would that be? All the direction and action would be lost.

Now imagine that you only able to use “boring” verbs how restricted would you feel? Imagine if you could only use the word laugh and not scoff, or giggle, or chuckle, or even titter

A large part of good writing comes from imaginative and emotive verbs. Next time you are writing why not swap out the standard verbs you use and see if you can add more spice to the action of your WIP.


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