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The Benefits of Writing in the Morning

Most writers don’t have the luxury (yet) to write as their day jobs, and some, like me, wouldn’t want to. As an extrovert, I need to see and speak to people for most of the day, so a full-time writer’s life would kill me. Part-time writing comes with its challenges, namely, finding the time to write!

One solution to this problem is to either wake up early or go to bed late. As someone who starts falling asleep on the sofa at 10 pm, I am not a good candidate for late nights. Early mornings, however, I can handle.

Here are the top reasons I love to write before my day begins – 

Peace and Quiet – Does anyone else love the sense of peace that morning holds? I live by the sea and it’s a wonderful place to be in the morning. The fresh sea breeze and seagulls are somehow different in the morning before most human’s wake up. There is space to breathe.

A Clear Head – I’m sure I’m not the only one who tries to cram too much into my brain in one day. As an administrator I am adept at multi-tasking, however, it does leave a hangover of sorts in my head. In the mornings my brain is clear and that helps my writing.

Coffee – Coffee is writing fuel, the petrol to an authors engine. At least that’s the case for me, I write best when I can guzzle caffeine until my heart’s content and not worry about sleeping later on.

The sense of Achievement before the day begins – How wonderful does it feel to have ticked something off your to-do list before your work day even begins? Those who run in the mornings know this feeling well. It works in the exact same way for writers.

Evenings free for Friends and Family – Family time is precious, and I would hate to lock myself away every evening. Although I lose out on sleep or perhaps go to bed earlier than others, at least my family feel they have my full attention in the evenings.

I would love to find out if you agree or to hear from a night owl. All comments are so very welcome. 




11 thoughts on “The Benefits of Writing in the Morning

  1. Cool post, love your thoughts!
    I prefer to write in my evenings, unless I have the day off work, then morning.
    I start work at 7:30am so would have to get up super early and as I suffer 2 chronic illnesses I usually wake up groggy and full of pain.
    As a teen I was a night write, but now it’s more like 5pm-7pm ish.


  2. All I have ever wanted to do is be a stay-at-home writer. Now I finally have my dream lifestyle! But yes I still really need that balance between extroverted and introverted activities. I always write in the morning too and usually finish by lunch unless I’m on a good streak, then I could write all day!

    And coffee!!! Yes! Can’t write without it! I love that little ritual.

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    1. Being a full time writer is great but you definitely need a balance. Most of my characters are influenced by people I have worked with, seen on the commute, bumped into on a lunchtime etc.
      I do feel that I need to make a conscious effort to get out and meet ‘real people’ to influence me.

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  3. I agree with pretty much everything you have written here, however, when I worked full time I never did write in the mornings. I used to finish work at 4PM and go and sit in a Starbucks for two hours before I went home. That, is in fact where I wrote the entirety of my first ever novel. I used to wake up early and workout before work because I found that in the evenings there are always other things to do. Pubs to go to, parties to attend and the list goes on. The morning is a time where the only other thing I might have on the agenda is sleeping so it really does work for an everyday habit. Me though, I just decided real work wasn’t for me. I gave up my full time job in favour of a part time one that allows me more time to write. Now I finish by 11AM and the rest of the day is open for writing. That is, until about 5PM when everyone I know finishes work and I can be sociable.

    P.s…..I would love to be a full time writer, I am not an extrovert haha.

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  4. We are so different—people wear me out—but we are so alike in our morning routines; the coffee, the quiet. I especially like your observation about that sense of accomplishment early in the day. I had never thought about that before, but you are quite correct.


  5. I agree that thoughts flow freely in he morning especially when coffee is involved. I usually go to bed plotting and wake up with my book on my mind. I work from home but I do have kids so it all depends on what our day is like. Great post!


  6. Yeah, I’m definitely an introvert, so I could write all day and sometimes do, whether I want to or not. When inspiration takes hold, the story won’t let me go, even when I walk away from the computer.

    However, I also find mornings to be the perfect time when I’m doing my normal daily word count and am not in the grip of a story. Right after I take my daughter to school is the best time, because I can spend a few hours on my current WIPs or blog and then start the housework to get the blood flowing again so by the time school’s out I have free time to spend with family.

    I have to be careful with night writing. I’m an insomniac and could easily spend my whole night working on a project without noticing, so I have to set limits. I still break my own rules and end up jotting down 1500 word “notes” in the middle of the night, hiding my phone light under the covers so I don’t wake the hubby.


  7. I agree with all your reasons, and I’m definitely a morning writer writer as well. Not only that, but I find the isolation/quiet time of my morning commute to be a source of inspiration, where I can let my mind work over ideas after I’ve jumped-started it with morning writing (and coffee!)

    Reading this made me miss living by the ocean.


  8. Reblogged this on Suburban Syntax and commented:
    I wanted to share this insightful post by Amy Walters with you. I’m definitely a morning writer as well, since my brain and schedule are too full during the evenings. When it comes to getting words down on paper, are you an early bird or a night owl?


  9. I write full time but I’m still a morning person. I’m training for the Great North Run at the moment so I’m usually up at half five to get a run out of the way then I can start on my writing. Even on days when I don’t run, I am normally up by 6.30. I rarely write past 1pm and allow myself the greatest perk of being a full time writer, an afternoon nap.
    When I was working full time, I usually scheduled an hour or two each night when I got in from work and did a lot of writing at weekends.
    This morning I had a lie in until 8.45 and I’m totally disorientated. I did some writing yesterday on my ‘day off’ so I don’t feel too guilty.


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