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What is a Clause anyway?

Welcome to the first instalment of The Blissful Scribbles Grammar Bootcamp! Today we will be looking at clauses, yippee what fun!

A Clause is a collection of words containing a standalone piece of information that is made up of a verb and a subject.

Verb = a word or phrase that describes an action, condition, or experience: The words “run”, “keep”, and “feel” are all verbs

Subject = the thing that is being discussed, considered, or studied.

Definitions are taken from The Cambridge Dictionary.

Simple right? Here’s an example –

Amy is writing a blog post.

In this clause, I, Amy, am the subject, because we are talking about what I am doing (narcissistic or what?). The clause describes what I am doing, and that is writing, which is a verb.

Clause = Subject + Verb

Look at us, we’ve learnt something (or remembered something we’ve forgotten, which is just as good!). Now, I think I deserve a cup of coffee and a square of chocolate, don’t you agree?



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