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How to Win Camp NaNoWriMo

Can you feel it? The prickle of tension on your skin, the butterflies waking up in your stomach? I can, and it only means one thing. Camp NaNoWriMo approaches.

Let the writing begin.

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 starts in FIVE days! Are you ready?

Here are some of the things I’m doing before it starts to prepare myself.

Catching up on sleep – I know I will have to sacrifice sleep to win this, so before the month begins I’m resting as much as I can.

Practising a daily writing habit – I try to write most days, but life gets in the way, and once or twice a week I can’t manage it. It’s no big deal, and I don’t beat myself up about it. However, in the days leading up to NaNo, I make sure not to miss any writing sessions. I need my writing muscles at full strength.

Planning out all my scenes – I know exactly what I am going to write, which character is going to do what, and where my story is going. Even at five in the morning, my sleepy brain will have a full set of writing instructions. Writer’s block will not stop me.

Organising my word count – I’m on holiday on the second week of July, and I don’t plan on writing on those days unless I really, really want to. Therefore, I need to up my word count the rest of the month. I know I need to hit 2,500 words a day to win, with a little wiggle room built in.

Leaving room for failure – with a word count of 2500 a day, I can fail some days and not miss the mark. I’m planning to shoot for the stars and if I miss them, at least I’ll have reached the moon.

Do you have any helpful NaNoWriMo preparation tips that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you. 


14 thoughts on “How to Win Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. Hi! I’m doing Camp NaNo in July for the first time, and I’m so nervous! Have you got any tips for a Camp NaNo newbie? I’m not planning to win it this time around because I already know that’s not gonna happen, but I’m gonna have a good go! Also, it probably wasn’t a good idea to do Camp NaNo after months of not writing….:/

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    1. Hello Jasmin, thank you for stopping by. How exciting! The most important part of NaNoWriMo is enthusiasm, which as a newbie you will have. Let the fear turn into energy and let the words flow. Don’t be disheartened, because it is hard. I found myself being very lenient in the first week of my first (and only other) NaNoWriMo and so I had to play catch up all the time. So my advice would be to hit the ground running and overwrite in the first few days. Also, write little and often, rather than sitting down and trying to squeeze it all out at once.Dictation software is a life saver too, why not look into that? I hope this helps!

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  2. You inspired me to sign up! I don’t have a novel or word count goal. My plan is to journal a different memory or thought every day and I’ve already mapped out enough for most of the month. My stretch goal is turning a fiction short story idea into reality. Little steps…

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  3. Something I learned in April – schedule days off! I wrote like crazy and finished early but it would have been so much less stressy if I’d planned to have days off throughout the month. That’s what I’ll be doing in July.

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  4. Just know you are not alone, I will be working on a Novella during camp.
    I am not as organized as you at the moment. I just finished an online course on genre I’m writing. The course was Erotic Romance and Erotica. I managed to get my characters fleshed out, a plot firmed up, and advice on building up the anticipation.
    I have been working on the daily writing habit with a #100daysofwords challenge with my local writers group. Today is day 16.
    I will be cheering you on, along with my cabin mates.

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