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The Benefits of Writing in the Morning

Most writers don’t have the luxury (yet) to write as their day jobs, and some, like me, wouldn’t want to. As an extrovert, I need to see and speak to people for most of the day, so a full-time writer’s life would kill me. Part-time writing comes with its challenges, namely, finding the time to write!

One solution to this problem is to either wake up early or go to bed late. As someone who starts falling asleep on the sofa at 10 pm, I am not a good candidate for late nights. Early mornings, however, I can handle.

Here are the top reasons I love to write before my day begins – 

Peace and Quiet – Does anyone else love the sense of peace that morning holds? I live by the sea and it’s a wonderful place to be in the morning. The fresh sea breeze and seagulls are somehow different in the morning before most human’s wake up. There is space to breathe.

A Clear Head – I’m sure I’m not the only one who tries to cram too much into my brain in one day. As an administrator I am adept at multi-tasking, however, it does leave a hangover of sorts in my head. In the mornings my brain is clear and that helps my writing.

Coffee – Coffee is writing fuel, the petrol to an authors engine. At least that’s the case for me, I write best when I can guzzle caffeine until my heart’s content and not worry about sleeping later on.

The sense of Achievement before the day begins – How wonderful does it feel to have ticked something off your to-do list before your work day even begins? Those who run in the mornings know this feeling well. It works in the exact same way for writers.

Evenings free for Friends and Family – Family time is precious, and I would hate to lock myself away every evening. Although I lose out on sleep or perhaps go to bed earlier than others, at least my family feel they have my full attention in the evenings.

I would love to find out if you agree or to hear from a night owl. All comments are so very welcome. 



Novel Writing

My Novel Writing Secret – Shhh Don’t Tell

I have a secret, a big, fat, secret. It’s increased my daily word count by a third. Do you want to know what it is? Then read on…

I stopped writing my novel weeks ago.

What? How can you have an amazing word count and have stopped writing, you ask? Let me tell you how.

I started dictating my novel.

I’m using a handy dictation tool on my Chromebook and speaking out my novel as it comes into my head. It took a fair while to get used to it, but now, after weeks of NaNoWriMo practice, I am a whizz at it.

Here is a small list of how dictation has improved my novel writing –

Get more words down in the same amount of time. Enough said. Who wouldn’t want to increase productivity without spending money or extra stress?

Improve the quality of dialogue. When you dictate speech it is more authentic, as, well, speech is spoken word, so doesn’t it make more sense to dictate dialogue?

Less temptation to edit as you write. Nearly every post about dictation mentions this. Dictate helps you get into the mindset of telling a story and stops you becoming distracted by editing as you go.

Kinder to your back. Back pain and RSI can cripple an author. We simply aren’t designed to sit hunched over a computer all day. With dictation you can pop on a headset and wander around your laptop – no back strain for us!

This is a small list, there are plenty more reasons to look into dictation – if you are interested I recommend checking it out. If you are a seasoned pro I would love to hear from you. 



The Loving Husband by Christobel Kent

The Loving HusbandThe Loving Husband by Christobel Kent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book far more than some others who have reviewed it.

One of the typical complaints is that people guessed the twist right from the start, and I am no exception. However, for some reason, I often guess the end of a book (I can count on one hand the number of books that GENUINELY took me by surprise), so this was no real shock to me.

Fran is a quiet character, who some have described as weak. However I disagree, not all characters need to be larger than life, and sometimes a quiet soul is refreshing.

All in all, I recommend this book, however, don’t expect a shock. Guess the ending and then enjoy watching it unfurl.

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NaNoWriMo · Novel Writing

NaNoWriMo – I Can See the Finish Line

How are you, campers? Exhausted? Delirious? Manic?

Whether broken or motivated by NaNoWriMo, I have good news for you! It’s the final stretch of Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017.

Well done us, we are still going, and whether we are set to win or lose, we are all winners. Imagine what your word count would be without this month?

How far have you come? I bet it’s a long way, and even if it’s not it’s some way, and that’s enough.

Keep on striving for the finish line. You can do this!


The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Problem with ForeverThe Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To my surprise, I loved this book, despite the fact that it is written from a teenage point of view. Although it was full of the usual, understandably petty, teenage drama you would expect from a YA book, this also had some grit to it.

I enjoyed seeing how Mallory the main character coped with her post-traumatic stress. I resonated with her experiences of being a teenager and facing incredibly difficult and painful seasons.

Good job Jennifer Armentrout, this book is a cracker!

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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, EverythingEverything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I purchased this book before the film came out because who doesn’t hate watching a film based on a brilliant book before you have the chance to read it?

I’m not usually a fan of Young Adult Fiction, and I have to admit to finding this book a little twee. I didn’t particularly enjoy the drawings and illustrations, but then again at 27 I am not the target audience.

The story had a very interesting concept, and I enjoyed learning about life from the main character’s point of view. The twist was predictable but reasonably satisfying.

I believe this is a good YA book, and if you enjoy the genre, then you will enjoy this book.

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