NaNoWriMo – Half Way Point

How has your Camp NaNoWriMo gone so far? Have you stuck to the target, or are you playing catch up?

Feel free to commiserate or celebrate in the comments below – we are all in this together!

12 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Half Way Point

  1. I am at my 10k goal! The trick was using both phone and computer and thankfully Dropbox syncs well with word that I was able to do it. I have not stopped writing so I am over 10k.

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  2. Not well at all. I dislike what I started with and have changed my mind on what story I want to tell three different times. There’s still time to salvage something. We shall see. I bought a new spiral notebook last night that has a mermaid on it. Hopefully it will inspire a spark of…something…anything.

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      1. Me too! I always think I need a new one for every new thing I write. That’s *a lot* of notebooks! As for NaNo, I failed fantastically. 🙂 No shame. I can keep working at it I guess. I’ve been writing a lot of poetry. That’s where my focus lied when I started NaNo and as completing the novel seemed more and more daunting, I kept coming back to the poems.
        How did it go for you?


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