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Camp NaNoWriMo Doesn’t Really Matter – but you can do it anyway

Hello there everyone!

How are you this week? If you, like me, are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo you must be pretty darn tired. Well done. You’ve lasted the first week. That’s a real achievement. If you’ve already given up, don’t worry, you can always try again, or maybe it’s just not for you.

Here is something important to note down. Ready?

Completing NaNoWriMo does not make you an excellent author, and failing it does not make you a terrible one. Ā 

This is simply a test of determination, and of how busy our lives are. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t become disheartened and give up on your dream of writing a book just because NaNoWriMo isn’t for you.

Also, don’t become complacent because NaNoWriMo is easy for you. There is still a heck of a battle to get published.

Let’s get some perspective and enjoy the NaNoWriMo ride.Ā 


7 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Doesn’t Really Matter – but you can do it anyway

  1. I’ve been aware of NaNoWrimo for a few years now, and truth be told, I have never felt it was for me. I realise it is a helpful motivational tool for some folks, being part of a community that are all slogging together and that is why I think it has value. However, you are quite right in your assertion that failing it (or not doing it) doesn’t make you a terrible author. Perhaps it is worth every aspirant author trying it once, if for no other reason than to remove the romantic notion that writing is easy and/or effortless

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  2. I wanted to use Camp NaNo as a tool to get me back into writing and being creative. Iā€™m behind in my goal, but Iā€™m still spending the majority of the week with my craft and that’s a success to me.

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