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5 Things Killing Your Writing Productivity

This post is a well-timed reminder for me; I hope you find it useful also.

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How do you become a more productive writer? That’s a loaded question. Productivity, as you hopefully already know, requires a few major attributes in terms of writing well, often, with purpose. One reason many self-proclaimed aspiring writers can’t get any writing done is because they can’t get past common roadblocks to writing productivity … or rather, they don’t even know what these potential roadblocks are.

There are habits and circumstances killing your writing productivity. Here are the most common ones, and how to extinguish them.

1. Self-editing

Self-editing, while you’re writing, is destructive and time-consuming. It’s tempting; I know. I still do it way more often than I should, too. If you’re always stopping to fix what you just wrote five seconds ago, your piece isn’t going to move forward very quickly, if at all. As tempting as it may be, save editing for later. Always finish writing first…

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Killing Your Writing Productivity

  1. If ONLY I could stop myself from committing the sin of the first one on the list! My latest novel, I find myself doing this with. I never used to worry much about the first draft- I knew I’d be revising it at least twice over the following weeks once the draft was finished. But I think I may have figured out why this is happening on my current novel. I think I love my characters just a little TOO much. I want their dialogue, their mannerisms, to be captured as I imagine them, or I feel I’m not doing them justice. I go back and ask, “Does this really describe how she would behave in this situation?” Thanks for these tips- it reminded me that I have time for that later!

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