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How often should a new author write?

As a budding author and newbie writer, one of the most pressing and early questions you ask yourself is how often you should write, and if it’s okay to take breaks. Hopefully, this blog will help you to find the right answer for you.

Try out different schedules

Sometimes the best way to work out when to write is to try different times and see what works. Simple huh? When I first started my novel, I decided to write for an hour each evening. This didn’t work so well, mainly because I kept falling asleep… I am not a late night person. Next up I tried to steal a few minutes here and there and write on my phone. My writing became disjointed, and I lost my flow, I found I needed uninterrupted time to write. Next, I tried my lunch break. Again, this didn’t work, phones were still ringing, and I couldn’t focus. New plan. Mornings. This is working far better. For me as a morning person, I can concentrate so much better. Trial and error is a brilliant way to find your writing zone.

Make a commitment

Don’t just write when you feel like it. Writing is hard, so eventually, you will need to push through your feelings and make it a habit. If you don’t commit to a certain amount of time to write, it just won’t happen. Be dedicated and conscientious. Discipline is critical, nobody has achieved anything great without it.

Keep your space sacred

I wrote without a desk for the first six months or so, and my back didn’t thank me. I don’t like being constrained, and I love variety, so I thought this would work. However, I have found that if you find a comfortable and productive space (desks are, it turns out, perfect for this) and return to it each day, your productivity will increase. Is it psychological? It might be, but whatever the reason it works for me.

Be prepared to sacrifice

Whether it’s time at the pub, late night telly, or a few extra hours in bed, you will need to give something up to make time to write. For me, this means waking up at 5.30am. Ouch. But it’s the only time I know I can give my full attention to writing on a regular basis. Nothing worth having comes easy, and writing is no different.

Be kind to yourself

You will not be able to stick to the rules you have set out for yourself one hundred percent of the time. It’s a fact. We are human after all. Progress, however, takes place in the eighty percent of the time when we do hit our targets. That’s when the magic happens. When you fail, be kind to yourself, it’s ok. Just don’t let the fear of failure stop you from even trying because the eighty percent will never happen.

Take breaks sparingly

There will be days when you don’t feel like writing. Resist giving in to the temptation of skipping a day. Quite often the problem isn’t that you need a break, but that you need to push through a difficult patch in your story. If you write anyway, you’ll probably find that you finish your time energised and excited by your progress. Just keep on keeping on.



11 thoughts on “How often should a new author write?

  1. Great tips. It is very hard to find time in our busy schedules, but once a dream takes roots in our soul, we are bound to make it happen. Good luck with your first novel. I’m close to getting mine published. It’s an exciting journey for sure!


  2. So true. Early mornings have always worked best for me. At first the early hour was hard to get used to, but I found that the freshness and solitude of that stolen hour before the day sets in was worth it. Good luck with the novel!


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