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The Highs and Lows of Novel Writing

My word count is now 9,455 words, and part of me is elated! What an achievement, well done me. There’s another part of me; however, that is aware most of those words are not up to scratch.

My recent experiment with novel writing is the first time I have written since my A-levels, and now, ten years on my writing is, as you would expect, rubbish. No author has ever woken up perfect without having to hone and develop their skills.  

At the moment my biggest hurdle isn’t a lack of inspiration, it’s not having too little time (close second), and it’s not confusion regarding my characters. No, my biggest hurdle is my brain throwing self-doubt at me like missiles.

I do have a sinking feeling that this won’t improve as time passes, and I write more of my novel but that I’m just going to have to ignore the voice in my head and keep on keeping on.

How do you deal with the self-doubts? Any experienced novelists who can help me? I would love to hear from you.


5 thoughts on “The Highs and Lows of Novel Writing

  1. The more you do it, they better you will get at it – at least that’s my experience. You just have to keep going. Ignore that voice and keep bashing out the words 🙂

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  2. I promise you that EVERY author has felt this way. Even the ones who just seem to write nothing but awesomesauce all the time. It’s totally normal. Just don’t let it drag you down and eat you up. Instead, remind yourself that this is your first draft. It’s okay if it’s not perfect. Instead of worrying about what you have, just keep going. get it finished and then you can always go back and change it if you find stuff you don’t like. But if you keep reworking the same two chapters over and over again, just because you’re not happy with how it started out, you’ll get stuck. So don’t worry if it’s not perfect. You’ll get better as you go – and honestly, it’s probably better than you think. You’re going to be your own hardest critique. So keep going!

    P.S. Sorry for, like, blog stalking you today lol. I just kept hopping around because I’d spot another interesting post… 🙂


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